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Freelance Portrait, Events & Sports photographer based in Birmingham.

Full-time Clinical Photographer for the NHS. 

I graduated with my BA Hons in Commercial Photography in 2021.

I started getting into photography when I was in my early teens, I started taking casual holiday photos on my phone then I had an old Kodak compact camera which I started to use. I then wanted to expand on a better camera and start to take better photos and of course get more experience so I started to use my Dad's old Fujifilm bridge camera. 

It came to that time where the bridge had to go and the DSLR had to come into place, so my photographic journey was beginning to grow and I bought my first DSLR camera which was the Canon 1100D with the traditional '18-55mm' kit lens.  

Since this, I knew it was it was time to upgrade my DSLR for a better sensor etc, which then led me on to buy a Canon 60D at the photography show 2017.


At this time, photography was just a hobby whilst I was still in school but I soon realised I wanted to take it further and wanted it to become my future career. So after school, I decided to take up photography at South Staffordshire college coming out with a 'Distinction, Merit'. With this, I decided to expand my further skills and gained my BA Hons in Commercial Photography at the University of Derby. 

Since university, these DSLR's did me well, but of course, I started shooting a lot more and needed to push my boundaries even more. So, it was time to take the plunge & switch to mirrorless and I decided to completely change brands and brought the Sony A7 Mark III. Upon gaining my BA Hons, I have now managed to sustain a trainee position as a clinical photographer at University Hospitals Birmingham. Since becoming a trainee, I am currently mid-way through my post-graduate course at Staffordshire university in clinical photography of becoming fully qualified as a clinical photographer. I have also recently just been appointed as the student representative of the Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI), dealing with any student queries and building a better student experience within IMI. 








Clients include: 

- Scott Clarke (Capital FM)

- BBC News

- Birmingham Mail

- Aldridge Running Club

- Walsall Wood Football Club 

- Barns Bakes (Cake making business)

- Maisy Chapman Music

- James Hall Music

- BENefit Gig

What my clients say about me:

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Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 12.13.13.png
Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 12.13.29.png
Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 12.13.38.png
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