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  • When posting the images on to social media (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc, I will give full credit to the photographer (Luke White Photo) when publishing these images

  • If uploading to Instagram, I will therefore not apply any other kind of ‘filter’ that Instagram offers as this ruins and takes away the time the photographer (Luke White Photo) has spent editing the image

  • The photographer (Luke White Photo) will not send any unedited images as this is classed as unprofessional and doesn’t show the final finished work at it’s best

  • If this is a TFP shoot (Time for print/test shoot) then you will receive roughly 10-12 fully edited images. If this is a paid shoot, then the number of images you will receive will be discussed in pre-communications or on the day

  • Editing time - Will be 1 - 2 weeks to fully edit all final images






​TFP/TEST SHOOT Information:






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