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The Big Sleuth Project 2017!

'The Big Sleuth Project 2017' is all part of a creative project that 'Birmingham children's hospital' have released to get many people during the summer holidays hunting for them which is a great way to explore the city at the same time and also a great day out for many families. The project started on the 10th July and finishes on the 17th September so this therefore gives people as much time to find as many as they can! 'Birmingham children's hospital' are trying to raise as much money as they can with people hunting for these sleuths across the city and they will also be auctioning them off at the start of October to raise lots of money too.


My first ever 'Instameet' had begun and it was time to head out and explore the big city for the hunt of many sleuths. Shockingly, there were 100 sleuths around the city and surrounding towns altogether but we only managed to find 37 out of the 100 as we had pretty much walked round most of the city centre and surrounding areas around the city centre.

So, me and my friends at 'Igersbirmingham' headed through the streets of Brum and since 'Igersbirmingham' is all about being in a photographic community, I got shown and found many new places around the city that I've never seen before and will definitely be back there for more photos. The sleuths are all placed around the city in interesting locations including: Brindley Place, The Mailbox and even Aston University! So, we started our hunting of sleuths at Aston Uni which I got a great image of the sleuth all about X-rays (shown on the above-right). After that, we started to trek on through the city to many more exciting locations and the next stop was Digbeth. Digbeth is such a great place for art and photography which definitely promotes Digbeth in a great sense. Other locations were great for shots but one location with lots of sleuths in it that really caught my eye was the park in Colmore Row by St Phillips Cathedral. Some of the detail in these sleuths really was fascinating and I have to congratulate the amount of time and effort some people had to put into these pieces of art to make them stand out so well!

I have to admit, capturing these sleuths was a great day to just go and explore most of the city and also at the same time discovering the great points they were placed in. Projects like this really give Birmingham a great name and I wish the 'Birminghams children's hospital' the best of luck with raising as much money as they can!

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