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Photography & how it's helped my Mental health

Throughout pretty much most of my teenage life I have suffered with mental health problems including anxiety and depression. Mental health is a type of illness which affects your day-to-day life and can sometimes be triggered by various reasons. This type of illness affects many people across the uk and the whole world but needs to be recognised a lot more for more people to come forward about their mental health problems, that it is nothing to be ashamed of and it can be dealt with.

Photography used to be just a hobby that is now turning into my dream career! Photography in general has always been quite an enjoyable hobby to me and always pushes me forward to of course want to carry on and do more. With such an incredible hobby and career, it makes me want to explore many new places which I may have not visited/explored before and takes into depth how it can put something so interesting into such a perspective which drastically improves your mental health due to actually feeling good about something you have achieved and wanting to as I said definitely going & always wanting to shoot more, which then leads to bigger paths of getting more work etc! One of the best experiences I have definitely had is trying my best to over-come my annoying anxiety... and by doing this I have been trying my very best to do a lot of collaborative work to really improve my portfolio which really has helped! Collaborative work will include trying to work with different photographers and also trying to work with new people/models to create some cracking portraits!

However, I’m not trying to persuade anyone at all that photography will become your next greatest hobby but what I do know is, it definitely has helped me through the not so good times and will always give me that boost to encourage others to conquer on! What I also do know is that, if you do think you are suffering with mental health problems and think you need help, please don’t suffer in silence!! Help it out there, mental health can dealt with by the help of family, friends and professionals. Raising awareness for this type of illness is key and must be raised a lot more within the world and our generation. But, the key to this is to try your best to find something that will help apart from just getting help from professionals which means most importantly trying your best to help yourself! (Example a new hobby etc…)

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